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From the latest album: Schloss Janus in former DDR

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We Swedes like to regard our country as very tidy. Decayed houses, industries and litter are taken care of. This is (un)fortunately not altogether true any longer. This site is mainly a photo site dedicated to such motifs, with a few comments here and there. The pictures are taken from abandoned and disrepaired houses, industries, mines, bunkers, tunnels etc. in Sweden. Some places are quite well known (in Sweden), others not. The best way to preserve them from vandalism is to keep them unknown. I won't answer questions about where they are situated.
I never break into a house.

The photo albums are sorted into categories/galleries: A-L, to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

You will also find spherical panoramas.

New from autumn 2010: I have now slowly start to explore foreign ruins outside Sweden. You will find the albums in Section X, "X" as in "extern", "expedition", "exotic" and "excursion".


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