A simple screen test

Below you find a simple way to find out if the lightness of your computer screen is correctly adjusted (for color adjustment you need a special device).

If you have a good screen which is correctly adjusted you will be able to see all 22 numbers (2x11) in the eleven grey rectangels below. The lower "1" and "11" may be barely visible.

If you can see approximately the same amount of numbers, but not all, on the dark side as on the light side, your screen is probably correctly adjusted but old or a budget screen.

If you can see all numbers well in one end (dark or light) but not in the opposite end, your screen is incorrectly adjusted. If you canīt see the dark numbers your screen is to dark, and vice versa. Adjust your screen so you can see as many numbers as possible and as evenly distributed as possible.

Old screens and budget screens are usually somewhat less good in showing many nuances. That is especially trough for budget laptops.

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