Short about photo technique

This house is lit up by a LED head lamp. 15 sec exposure time and the picture is somewhat lightened in Photoshop.  

I've been asked several times how I take my pictures. Here are some facts.

I have a 5 Mpix digital compact camera and now also a digital SLR. I can run anything in manual mode on both cameras. Automatic mode is good in many situations, but not if your motif is very dark.

I'm not so fond of camera flashlight, but sometimes I have been in a hurry and have to use it. I like to use a tripod and long exposeure times. This is a slow way to take pictures but the result is mostly better.

If the motif is dark I illuminate it with a powerful torch and use long exposure times. I can then walk around and light up anything I want from any angel I want.

I usually use Adobe Photoshop to change lightness and contrast, but I have not added or subtracted any objects in the pictures. The photos are thus very close to true documentary photos.

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