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Kodak Hill

The abandoned office and laboratory of Kodak, Sweden

On a small hill north of Stockholm, Sweden, the Kodak company built a laboratory for the developing of Kodak's own films. Later on the marketing department moved in and in 1985 the Swedish head offiice was located here.

The laboratory was the only one in Scandinavia developing the Kodachrome color slide film. This film was widely considered the best of color slide films until Fujifilm in 1990 launched the Velvia film and later the Provia, both developed by the E6 process, a much simpler method. Amateurs could develop it at home. Kodak lost a considerable part of the color slide market and the Stockholm Kodachrome developing lab was closed.
Also the much bigger market of color negative film developing diminished rapidly. Small "One hour photo" labs popped up everywhere.

The big blow for Kodak was the digital photo revolution. The film consumption dropped drastically. Kodak's buildings outside Stockholm became too large and Kodak moved out in 2000, som years before the real "explosion" of the digital photography.

A small company in electronics moved in to the office part of the building in 2001, but soon moved out again. Since then the buildings have been empty until they were torn down in the autumn 2011.

The visit was made a sunny evening in august 2008.

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