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Lindfors' "People's Park"

An abandoned summer amusement park in Sweden

Lindfors is a small community in south central Sweden. As so many other Swedish communities it had a "Folkets Park", The People's Park. No, no, it is not a park in honnor of Mao or Lenin or the working class hero. It is simply a park where ordinary people could get some entertainment for a reasonable fee. A dance-pavillion, some tombola-wheels, a cafeteria and a small outdoor theatre were typical ingredients. The parks were spread all over the country, not only in Sweden. Popular Swedish artist made their tours around the parks every summer. Actually one or another international artist also visited some of the larger parks. Frank Sinatra (1953) and Delta Rhytm Boys for example!
The golden days were 1900-1950. After that a slow decline began. In 1950 there were 239 Peoples' Parks in Sweden, 1997 only 160.

Lindfors' Folkets Park was established in 1928. Although Lindfors is a small village (300 inhabitants in 1950, hardly 100 today) this park was important. During 1950-1970 most of Sweden's popular artists have been performing here. Audience record (1981): 2700 paying when the rock band Gyllene Tider played.

The not so Grand Finale of the park can be read by the pictures. My visit was made during autumn 2007.

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Ă–ijwind's rock-gang, "Miss Johansson and I" (1962), (Youtube)

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