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The double mine

Pictures from deserted buildings at two abandoned iron ore mines

The M-mine and the S-mine (not their real name) lie hardly one kilometer apart. The ore at the S-mine was discovered around 1870 and the production started in 1881. The following year the M-mine ore was found. Several small mines were opened in the area. The ore area is not too rich and the profitability was not to good and the small mines were not open all the time. In the 1940's new owners put the area in order and made an underground connection between the S and the M mine. The buildings left are all younger than 1940. The mine was closed in 1972. In the 1970's most Swedish mines were closed due to lack of profitability.

The red building houses office and locker-rooms. The light gray tower is the headframe of the S-mine. Both were constructed 1956-58.

15 pictures from
the office building

14 pictures from
the headframe of the S-mine

7 pictures from
the headframe of the M-mine

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