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The Nyhamn sulfite pulp mill

An abandoned sulfite paper pulp mill in central Sweden

The Nyhamn mill started 1907 as one of many paper pulp mills on the east coast of central Sweden. It made cellulose according to the sulfite method. As a rest product they got "sulifte alcohol", i.e. 95% ethanol and the rest percents were inpurities that made the alcohol undrinkable. The sulfite pulp production went on until 1945 when the other method, sulfate method, had become more successful.

From 1948 to 1984 the production changed to chemical products based on cellulose.

1985 the whole area was sold to a tank cleaning company. After an environmental scandal the company went bankrupt.
Minor companies moved in but they closed down one by one. It is abandoned since several years.

The visit was made in May 2008.

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