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Borgen (The Castle)

An empty apartment house

Olofström in the province of Blekinge, southern Sweden. In the 1960's times were good. The car manufacturer Volvo had a large plant in Olofström. They needed more workers and Borgen (The Castle) was built. It consisted originally of four houses built in a square, making a sort of courtyard inside a castle.
In the 90's Volvo did not need so many workers and Borgen started to depopulate. In early 2000's two of the houses were torn down. You see the resulsting half courtyard on the picture.
Times got worse and it was time to tear the third house down. In early May 2009 asbestos clearance was going on on the outside, and we could get in to the previously closed house. In June the house was totaly torn down and now only one house remains of the original quartet.

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