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The textile factory

Pictures from an empty and abandoned factory

In this village lies a large one-story textile factory which started more than 100 years ago. It was built in 1896 by some already succesful brothers and was from the start a spinning and weaving mill. One speciality was jute cloth. Tarpaulins, sacks and other kinds of coarse packing cloth were manufactured. At it's peak the company had 9000 employees around the region (1931).

Later jute was abandoned and the fabric was made of plastic. Harder competition from low salary countries made the factory to close down in 2004. Prior to that it was incorporated into a Finish company group. The buildings are now empty.
The village has today 1900 inhabitants.
The factory was visited in May 2010.

This picture is probably from mid 1900's. The railroad is closed down. The main tracks lay on this side of the small wall. A industrial track went between the large factory building and the high chimney.

Exterior (5 pictures)
Interior (32 pictures)
The boiler room (9 pictures)
The office section (11 pictures)
The tiled hall (8 pictures)
Graffiti (18 pictures)

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This is an album in the French gallery

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