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The Paper Mill

Pictures from a large abandoned paper mill

In the middle of the woods, far from any town, lies a village which once had a fairly large paper mill. It all started in 1729 as an iron works at the small water fall. The iron works lasted until 1898 and then one turrned over to paper pulp. In 1931 one started to produce paper, so called liner, which is used to make corrugated cardboard. During the heydays in the 1950's 400 persons worked at the mill and the village had 2000 inhabitants.

However, the mill became oldfashioned, lied a little bit off, had problems with water supply and finally in 1972 it was closed.

The localities were then used for spring production 1968-1986, laundry 1986-1990, wall paper production 1973-1981, shelf carpentry 1976-81.

Many buildings have been torn down. About 2/3 remain.

In 2006, 700 persons lived in the village.

Exteriors (18 pictures)
The grey house (12 pictures)
The main building (33 pictures)
The locker rooms (6 pictures)
The tall building (9 pictures)
The steam central (13 pictures)
Spherical panorama

miniatures + sizes 50-200 kb

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